Car registration, how much will this document cost you?

Before buying a new vehicle, it is always worth knowing the price of the vehicle registration document to anticipate the cost. Let's break it down!

Knowing the cost of your vehicle registration document 

The financing of a vehicle registration document is not to be taken lightly. In fact, the price of a car registration varies according to several elements that you should know before making a purchase. In all cases, it is compulsory to apply for a vehicle registration document online. Without it, the public authorities can fine you up to 750 euros. In most cases, the amount imposed is 135 euros, which is already considerable.

The impact of taxes on the price of a vehicle registration document

There are several elements that can make its amount vary significantly. In any case, since 2017, it has been compulsory to apply for a vehicle registration document online for reasons of efficiency. The administration wishes to improve the quality of these services by dematerialising its actions. Initially, the owner's place of residence is the first variable. Indeed, the car registration is charged by a regional tax set by the Regional Councils. Besides, vehicles are taxed according to the pollution they emit. Vehicles that pollute too much will be charged a higher card fee. They are affected by the eco-tax and the CO2 tax. Companies also see the amount of this document on their vehicle increased because of the business tax. The latter applies to commercial vehicles. It is therefore necessary to anticipate this difference on the price of a vehicle registration document. Finally, even if today the online application for a vehicle registration document is done electronically, the administration still has to send it to the various owners by post. The cost of delivery is therefore reflected in the price of the certificate. The administration also retains a share of the amount of the registration certificate for the management of the file.

Changes in the price of a vehicle registration certificate depend on the vehicle's components

Some vehicles must have a more expensive vehicle registration document than others. In fact, the dematerialised route of online registration for all does not bring the price into line. Thus, the age of the vehicle is the first component that directly influences the price of the vehicle registration document. Owners of vehicles which are over 10 years old can be relieved since the amount of the card is then halved! Next, several aspects of the vehicle need to be evaluated: - How many tax horses does it hold? - What kind of vehicle is it? It may be a trailer, a two-wheeler or, more commonly, a car. These elements have a direct influence on the price of a car registration document. - If it is a car, it is important to know its type. Recently, we can find hybrid cars or electric cars. These elements must be specified when applying for a vehicle registration document online. Furthermore, you have one month from the date of purchase of your new vehicle to apply for a new card. In the meantime, you will hold a provisional vehicle registration document with a temporary barred registration card to attest to this waiting time before you receive the final registration certificate. This article should have given you all the information you need to assess the amount of your registration document.
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