How to find a ventage motorbike?

When looking for a ventage motorbike, it is important to always check certain details. Article R. 311-1 of the Highway Code provides some details on the eligibility of "collector" vehicles. A ventage motorbike is a vehicle registered or made at least 30 years ago. The two-wheeler model is no longer produced. A motorbike of historical interest has not undergone any modification regarding the technical specifications of its main components.

Buying a ventage motorbike at auction

When attending an auction, several used vehicles are available for purchase. Ventage motorbikes sold at auction are available at unbeatable prices. There are 3 categories of public auctions: voluntary sales, judicial sales and sales by the domain service. As the name suggests, vehicles sold in voluntary sales are entrusted voluntarily by their owners. Their auction price is estimated according to the Argus rating and their condition. Judicial sales are transactions prescribed by law or decided by the courts. There can be vehicles sold following a seizure, judicial liquidation... The price of the selling costs is added to the price of the vehicle. It amounts to 12% of the cost of the transaction. Finally, the sales of vintage motorbikes organised by the estate department enable the purchase of vehicles that are out of use or no longer in use. This type of sale is an opportunity to purchase vehicles abandoned at the impound lot or those that were confiscated because of a criminal penalty.

Buying vintage motorbikes on Internet sites

By consulting the sites specialising in the sale of second-hand motorbikes, you can discover a wide range of ads. Indeed, in the catalogue of products sold online, you can discover models from the 70's, 80's or 90's. Ventage motorbike enthusiasts will be able to find the two-wheeler they are interested in, in just a few clicks. When you buy a motorbike on Internet sites, you benefit from a fast, precise, simple and secure transaction. Classified ads for classic motorbikes are updated regularly. Most of the vehicles offered are guaranteed, checked and revised before being put up for sale. These precautions make the purchase as comfortable as possible. You can search for a vintage vehicle online by providing a few details such as the motorbike's engine, engine capacity, category, budget, year, etc.
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