Peugeot launches a new bodywork label

The car manufacturing company Peugeot recently officially launched its own car body label. Achieving an overall optimisation of the bodywork activity in the company's various workshops is the main objective of this recent initiative. In order to achieve this, it is planned to provide substantial support, not only in terms of work processes, but also in terms of training and tools, to enable the French automotive giant to catch up with its competitors on the market. Focus!

A salutary initiative

Nearly 35% of the workshops' activity is represented by the PSA Group's car bodywork sector. This figure, although stable, does not really satisfy the famous French car manufacturer, which intends to increase it, given the opportunities presented by the bodywork repair-crash sector in the current car market. It is within this framework that the company recently decided to launch a special bodywork part label for Peugeot, with particular specifications; an initiative that mainly delights those who repair car parts. In fact, the new label, which is still being finalised, has been developed with the aim to support car part repairers who wish to adhere to it, for the optimisation of work processes, better use of their tools, and improved management of the car body shop. But that's not all! The PSA Group has also planned a section dedicated to training members of the body repair sector who wish to do so, to enable them to familiarise themselves with the new Adas technologies, among others. However, the car manufacturing company does not wish to be directive with regard to the deployment of the new label. Instead, the choice will be left to the body part workshops for Peugeot, Opel, Citro├źn and DS.

A single ambition: to better conquer the automotive market

The introduction of this new car body label in 2019 should guarantee the company a packaged and transparent offer. The group's managers hope that a large number of agents specialising in car part repairs will come forward. The territorial coverage would thus be complete, sufficiently large to enable the company to cover the needs of its 4700 potential bodywork repair shops. Membership will be on a voluntary basis only, and specifications will have to be respected with regard to communication, digitalisation, garage equipment, and the internal organisation of the workshop dedicated to bodywork part repairs for Peugeot. This new car bodywork label is a major step forward for the company, which will in fact adopt a completely different strategy in a field that has long been neglected in favour of autonomous bodywork repairers. From this point of view, the French automobile giant now displays the same ambitions of conquest as some of its car part manufacturer competitors, who have already taken the lead. This is notably the case of the German group Volkswagen, which launched 02 labels a few years ago. The first which is dedicated to car bodywork, provides support in terms of tools and training for its partners; the second which is devoted to glazing, develops the replacement of windscreens in mechanical workshops.
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