The importance of motorcyclists’ gathering

English-speaking researchers who are interested in motorcycling take part for sports or economics. They have noted in their research that motorbike riders are in their great majority machos who never stop talking about their motorbikes. They spend more time, according to the researchers, praising their motorbikes than their passengers.

The motorcyclists’ gathering: for what purpose and why?

The stereotype that motorcyclists are macho is slowly disappearing. During large motorbike demonstrations, everyone who looked a little closer at what the motorbike riders' gathering was made up of could observe that there were more and more motorcyclists. The motorbike riders are no longer mainly men, but a mixed group of men and women. It is true that many female passengers are female, but if we count the number of motorbike riders, we can see that the number of men is decreasing from year to year. Even at gatherings with a connotation of "special male" such as the Harley Davidson gatherings, the number of women continues to increase.

Rides organized at motorcyclists’ gathering

Every weekend in summer, on the roads, we come across more and more motorbikes following each other in line. This is how it is almost every weekend of this season. When the weather allows it, many gatherings take place all over France. These gatherings take place in the morning, in principle, and the motorbike riders choose a ride that they are going to do all day long. In these groups it is not uncommon to see a lot of bikers. The motorbike riders are both men and women. The sheer pleasure of getting together for a ride is enough to make them happy. In France, there are many clubs that offer this kind of gathering to go for a ride.

Motorbike meetings allow for exchanges and advice

These gatherings of motorbike riders usually give rise to big discussions on how to ride in a group, how to brake, how to behave in this or that dangerous situation during stops and poses on the road. In reality, the motorbike rider meetings are not only an opportunity to get together with other motorcyclists, but also to discuss the advice given by the most experienced motorbike riders. In any case, they have already been confronted with dangerous situations. They will therefore try to make the youngest riders understand how to react to emergency braking, for example, or how to ride in groups.
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