Essential equipment for motorcyclists

In motorbike school, you are taught that there is mandatory equipment to ride a motorbike. But there is also essential equipment for motorcyclists that is not necessarily mandatory. Approved helmets and reinforced gloves are part of the list of mandatory equipment for riding a motorbike. Sunglasses and hearing protections are highly recommended. Let's make a precise point!

Compulsory equipment to have in case of a police control

On the roads, the police may carry out checks on your vehicle and equipment from time to time. On a motorbike, there are three mandatory items of equipment to carry. The first and most important piece of equipment for perfect personal protection is the helmet. This helmet must be homologated and chosen with care because it must be in perfect adequacy with your head. If you wear a helmet that is too large, you are not safe at all. If your helmet is too small, your vision of the road will not be good. It is highly recommended, especially if you wish to make your purchase on the Internet, to take a helmet that meets the E22 standard.

Additional mandatory protections for 2-wheel drivers

The second essential and compulsory equipment for motorcyclists is reinforced gloves. Wearing reinforced and approved gloves has become a must since 2015. A law has been passed to this effect, making it compulsory to wear approved gloves for the use of motorbikes as well as scooters. All two-wheelers are subject to this law. The same year, the law also made it compulsory for all 2-wheelers to have a yellow fluorescent waistcoat in their immediate vicinity. In the event of a stop on the lower side of the road, each motorcyclist must put on his waistcoat to be seen by other riders or drivers. This waistcoat must also be approved. The following equipment is not compulsory but is strongly recommended for riding a motorbike The reinforced jacket is the main piece of equipment to have, for big motorbike riders. In the event of a fall at high speed, it will protect you from shocks and burns caused by slipping. This jacket will protect your skin. Reinforced trousers are also highly recommended for all motorbike riders. It has the same use as the jacket. Finally, and to ride in greater comfort, you need a pair of sunglasses. It is not mandatory but it is necessary to have sunglasses to ride safely. Finally, two-wheelers are generally quite noisy machines. It is therefore necessary to carry hearing protection under your helmet. Article 23: All you need to know about motorcycle associations What is the purpose of motorcycle rallies in France? What is the purpose of motorcycle associations and why were they created?

Motorcyclists’ gatherings in France

In the motorcycling world, there are many associations that guide and accompany motorcyclists at all levels. These associations allow their motorbike members, young and older motorbike riders, to group together around a common interest which is motorcycling. Zoom on the grouping of motorcyclists in France!

What are motorcycle associations for?

There are quite a few motorbike associations in France. Some of them aim to train and educate motorcyclists, whether in their road behaviour or in their training for the youngest ones. Others (such as the best known of all angry bikers, the FFMC) have the ambition to be reliable interlocutors when it comes to discussing new laws passed by the government. Recently, the French federation of angry motorcyclists has put all its energy into trying to convince the government of the uselessness and the danger of the 80 km/h speed limit. There are also associations (such as the MCF or Moto Club FĂ©minin) especially dedicated to motorcyclists.

Associations organise motorcyclists' gatherings.

On the multitude of motorbike associations, many of them are just dedicated to organizing motorbike outings. The Sunday ride within an association, with the pleasure of meeting every weekend to exchange about the new equipment that has been released or to talk about the day's route, is an example of this. It is a shared pleasure. There are associations that organise events on a larger scale. Large Harley Davidson gatherings, for example, are not rare and are obligatorily organised through associations, their leaders being able to go and discuss with the regional prefect and the elected representatives of the communes concerned, for the rental of the spaces they will need.

Some associations have lucrative goals

In 2015, an association called Association Motards Solidaire is organising motorbike riding rallies every weekend with the sole aim of collecting donations for charitable organisations dealing with disability and medical research. Each motorcyclist who registers for these rides and motorbike outings will donate a little money in order to give to the common pot and to participate in medical research. Some motorbike events and motorbike rallies have the same goal. By practicing your passion of riding a motorbike, you participate in the common good through your association. It is not only the medical sector that benefits from these gatherings. One of these motorbike outings was to gather the orphans of the Gendarmerie together.
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