How do I mount and dismount a motocross tyre?

Since a motocross tyre loses its effectiveness with only 30% wear, to ensure its safety, it is important not to skimp on replacing this accessory. It is not easy to choose motocross tyres. However, there is now a very practical and efficient tyre fitting machine that allows you to mount and dismount your tyres very quickly.

Three minutes are enough!

If you have never performed the tyre removal operation before, with the motorbike tyre changer machine, you will not need to call on the services of a professional. Dismantling a motorbike tyre is now within everyone's reach; in just a few minutes you will be able to carry out a perfect mounting and dismounting job. With the Rabaconda machine, discover the fastest way to replace your tyres and foams. This motocross tyre changer has many advantages: - There is no need to kneel down, this machine is 50 centimetres high and makes the work easier. Comfort is optimised to mount your tyres with peace of mind. - A rubber foot ensures great stability (on an even surface). - The machine is designed to allow work to be done with one hand. - Dismantling is made easier with the help of a take-off tool: just push down.

An impressive list of features

The enduro motorbike tyre changer has many features. This makes it much easier for motocross riders looking for a minute to remove a tyre. - The device is lightweight and has compact storage. - A sturdy bag makes storage easy. Its dimensions are 25 x 28 x 70 centimetres. - Assembly of the device is simple and requires no tools. - Good manoeuvrability is made possible by the oval profile bar. - To facilitate the replacement of various wheel sizes, the designers have proposed quick-release bolts. - The device is suitable for tyre sizes ranging from 16 to 21 inches. - The working height is 50 centimetres from the ground. - The device weighs only 17 kilograms. - The device is made of lacquered galvanised steel, as well as T6061-T6 aluminium. - A rubber foot with three support points ensures excellent grip. - A guide link ensures perfect insertion of the take-off tool. - The tripod tubes are equipped with sealed plugs.

Enduro or cross, the practice is not the same

Enduro differs greatly from cross-country. While enduro is more focused on steep roads, the weight of the bike differs from that of the cross country. It is not advisable to ride on a road with a motorbike designed for enduro, as the tyres, which were designed for non-abrasive terrain, will wear out very quickly. This means that they will lose grip and the risk of accidents and skidding will be greater. This is why it is important to replace tyres at the right time. Hard rubber, known for its endurance and versatility, is popular with motocross riders; it adapts well to a variety of terrains. Rally-raid enthusiasts, ensure your safety and road comfort by favouring quality tyres. The durability of tyres is crucial to practising this extreme sport! Save time and simplify your life by getting an efficient machine to remove a motorbike tyre.
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