Motorcyclist’s equipment: clothing, boots, helmets…

All these obligations are related to the safety of the rider. Since 1 July, 1973, helmets have been compulsory, whether for riding on the road or on the track. But the helmet is not the only compulsory equipment. Approved gloves and a yellow waistcoat are also compulsory. The latter is not useful while driving but must be easily accessible.

Ride safely with your protective equipment

When it comes to safety, minimum equipment plays a major protective role. The motocross rider's equipment is the very symbol of the usefulness of accessories in the event of a fall. These allow protection on the head thanks to the helmet and on the legs thanks to the boots. Riding a motorbike implies being very aware of the risks involved. Unlike a car, you have no bodywork to protect you. The rider's outfit is his bodywork. His helmet and boots are the vital protections in case of an accident. The compulsory equipment is therefore the helmet and approved gloves, but optionally, you will be better protected by using a jacket and motorbike shoes.

Mandatory motorcyclist's equipment to wear on the national territory

The highway code requires motorcyclists to wear certain mandatory equipment. The oldest piece of equipment is the helmet, which has been compulsory since the law of 1 July, 1973. An approved helmet is compulsory. You cannot wear just any headgear on your head. The helmet is compulsory for everyone who rides a two-wheeler, from the smallest to the biggest. Approved gloves are also compulsory. Do not take ski gloves that are not designed for this purpose. The police check that your gloves are certified and you risk a fine of up to 68 € if you break the rules. The last compulsory piece of equipment, if you want to ride a motorbike, is the yellow waistcoat. This waistcoat can be put in a fairly easy-to-reach place as you will have to wear it if you break down and stop on the road.

The motorcyclist's outfit and optional equipment

Many of the facilities are not compulsory. Nevertheless, some of these optional equipment are very important for safety and are nevertheless necessary protections so that damage in the event of an accident is reduced to a minimum. The jacket is part of the outfit that a worthy biker should wear. It is part of the motocross rider's equipment. It protects the upper body. To maximize its protection, the jacket must include elbow and back protection. Boots are also part of the biker's outfit, although they are not mandatory either, but are strongly recommended. They protect your ankles and feet, which can be put under pressure. Riding a motorbike without boots is not at all advisable. Furthermore, motorbike trousers are part of the motorbike rider's necessary attire. They protect your legs in case of a fall.
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