What is a jet motorbike helmet?

If you're an enthusiast motorcyclist, you might have already heard of Jet helmets. They are increasingly appreciated by motorcyclists, especially those who make urban use of their motorbikes. What exactly is a jet motorbike helmet? What are its characteristics? How to make the right choice?

What is a jet helmet?

A jet motorbike helmet has the letter J on its label. The BMW jet helmet is an approved brand. It gives a very large field of vision in height and width. Some offer a sunscreen or a main screen. Others combine both screens. What sets them apart from other types of helmets is their lightness and space-saving design. This is what makes them so popular, as they fit easily into the trunks of scooters. Thus, they are often classified as urban helmets. That said, the higher the range, the more suitable they are for long journeys. 

What are the characteristics of Jet helmets?

The jet motorbike helmet is known for its large bubble which serves to protect it from turbulence and draughts. It often offers a large air circulation. This is why it tends to be noisier than closed helmets. It therefore offers the great advantage of being cooler during summer. However, during winter, you will need extra protection on your face, as it would easily freeze. This is why it is always advisable to complete the purchase with a bonnet or neckband. With a Jet helmet, the feeling of confinement is reduced for the rider.

How to choose a Jet Helmet?

For many motorcyclists, the choice in the shop depends very much on the aesthetic side. That's understandable, because we're talking about equipment to be worn on the head all year round! But the selection criteria shouldn't stop there. It is important to know that the Jet helmet is not systematically fitted with an eye or face shield. Consequently, some models offer eyelets to accommodate an additional screen or cap. Therefore, when buying a helmet, you must be careful to check its compatibility with additional accessories. It is always best to check with the manufacturer to avoid unpleasant surprises.
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