Several categories of motorbike gloves: what are they?

On a motorbike, your hands have complete control of the accelerator, clutch and front brake controls. In the event of a fall, they steer your two wheels and absorb shocks. Riding with an excellent pair of approved gloves means riding in the right circumstances. Choosing the perfect gloves also guarantees a peaceful ride, regardless of the season.

What are the conditions for choosing your gloves?

The requirements for choosing a pair of motorbike gloves are the following: the right height, the right type, the right material and characteristics that correspond to the needs and the time of the year. In contrast to motorbike equipment, a layer dedicated to adapting the gloves to the occasional need cannot be inserted or removed (except under the gloves). In accordance with your use, the season, and the need to have many "specialised" pairs, it is important to choose the best compromise. See that on (sport, GT, urban, etc.) you will find a wide variety of BMW Motorbike gloves models, classified into five broad categories: warming, winter, mid-season, summer, and the category of track gloves.

Gloves must be worn by motorcyclists

Wearing gloves on motorbikes has become a must since 20 November, 2016. Gloves must be worn on scooters. Gloves must also be used by scooter or motorbike riders. To be well covered as well to comply with the regulations, here's what you need to know about motorbike gloves. Motorcyclist have the instinct to defend themselves and the palms are the part which would be the most exposed, in case of a crash. Irreparable trauma, permanent injuries, wounds, fractures or other contusions, not to mention burns, are threats for unprotected motorcyclists. Motorbike gloves protect the biker from the weather, in addition to protecting the hands from injuries, cold and humidity. If motorbike gloves are mandatory, make sure to carefully choose them.

What are the categories of motorbike gloves?

Summer gloves are light and airy. The mid-season gloves have a less or more wet lining. They may be waterproof, but also breathable. Winter gloves are heavier, colder and more resistant to ice. Warming gloves are equipped with a motorbike battery heater or small independent batteries. Track gloves offer the highest level of safety, the best sense of control and the best finger mobility. Which do you prefer: leather or textile? In contrast to the lightness, elasticity and technicality of textile materials that breathe and adapt better to the hand, Leather gloves offer softness, resistance, natural comfort and unique feeling. The best remedy? Mixed motorbike gloves are necessary.
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