Choosing motorbike accessories: helmets, gloves, jackets…

Riding in the wind and enjoying the unique sensations provided by motorcycling can only be done with the right equipment for everyone's riding and safety. Choosing motorbike accessories requires a certain level of care, whether it be for the comfort and safety of the motorcyclist that you are, or for the look you want to have on your two-wheeler. Here are the essential motorbike accessories for a safe and enjoyable ride.

The basis of the motorbike: the motorbike helmet

The motorbike helmet is a compulsory motorbike accessory if you want to hit the asphalt with your motorbike. Everyone can have their own style and their favourite brands. You can also choose the models, colours and materials in related to a motorbike helmet. However, it is essential to wear a helmet that has obtained CE or CE/DOT homologation. As far as helmet models are concerned, we have three main ranges: jet, integral and modular helmets. The jet helmet or even half-jet or mini-jet is very much appreciated by motorcyclists who ride daily, especially in the city. The homologation states the protection of the skull and not the whole face. The jet motorbike helmet is very retro in style. The micro-jet or mini-jet, which is more open on the sides, gives a vintage look (aeroplane pilot), as well as a better visibility and more freedom to the head-movement. The full-face helmet, as the name suggests, will fully protect the biker's head. If it can compress the face and the skull, it is the most recommended helmet for two-wheelers, since it protects both the skull and the face in case of a fall. It is also the only motorbike helmet that is allowed on and off the racetrack. Furthermore, the modular helmet is an excellent compromise between the full-face helmet and the jet helmet. In fact, the modular chin protection will allow you to have the advantages of the jet once raised, i.e., visibility and ventilation. Once the chin protection is lowered, the modular helmet transforms into a full-face helmet and gives you total protection for your head and face. The approval of a modular motorbike helmet is based on the use of the helmet in an "integral" mode. To sum up, the materials (composite, polycarbonate, or fibre in particular) and technological advances allow us to benefit from helmets that are increasingly light, easy to use and which improve the motorcyclist's head fit.

Protecting motorcyclists' hands

Gloves are also compulsory on motorbikes. Here too, particular attention must be paid to the choice of gloves. Indeed, depending on the riding style, the weather and the reaction of the hands in gloves, especially perspiration, it goes without saying that a wrong choice could alter the pleasure of two-wheeled motorcycling. Like helmets, motorbike gloves must be CE-approved. Generally, they are made of leather or textile and will protect the hands and wrists of motorcyclists. With reinforced palms, motorbike gloves must protect the most vulnerable parts of the hands to protect the biker from abrasion or injuries in the event of a motorbike accident.

Motorbike jackets and trousers

In order to choose the right motorbike jacket, it is necessary to determine the motorcyclist's needs: protection against bad weather or extreme heat, protective shells in case of a fall, morphology etc. This evaluation will also be applied to the choice of motorbike trousers. The jacket and trousers must be adapted to the riding style and its environment, since the protection and requirements will not be the same for a short, everyday ride in the city centre, a long ride on the motorway or a sporty ride on dedicated circuits.    It's also an opportunity to assert your style: modern or vintage, you'll have the choice to impose your signature as a biker.

Motorbike shoes and boots

Motorbike boots, just like motorbike shoes, have a non-slip composition, with reinforced heel to make riding a motorbike more comfortable and reliable. The boots will provide extra protection for the tibiae. The shoes will be more ventilated and flexible. As with motorbike jackets and trousers, the choice of shoes or boots will mainly be based on the practice of your two-wheeled vehicle and its environment (urban, sports, exceptional use, etc.).
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