Buying a second-hand motorbike: a double-edged knife

People who want to buy a used motorbike should not choose the model blindly. In fact, the trick to getting the most out of your two-wheeler requires careful thought and examination of the machine before purchase. The key is to make sure that the ad is consistent with the motorbike. Sometimes, there is a great deal of disappointment felt by the buyer between reading the ad and visiting the seller. Mistakes that are more or less deliberate can be obvious. It may be a difference in mileage, vintage, etc.

Precautions to take when buying a used motorbike

According to the law, the drafting of advertisements on a specialised site commits the seller. Differences between the description of a used motorbike published in an ad and the reality can be considered as misleading advertising. The future buyer must be wary when he wishes to buy a used motorbike. There are professional or private sellers who master the make-up of reconditioned motorbikes. When buying a motorbike or scooter, you should check that the numbers on the motorbike and those on its registration papers are identical. If these numbers are different, the seller must justify to the buyer the reasons for the modification. When buying a second-hand motorbike, the future new owner must not forget to ask the seller for the maintenance booklet. In particular, it must be checked that the machine has benefited from regular periodic maintenance and servicing.

Tracking down the small details to adjust the selling price

Among the advantages of buying a two-wheeler from a private individual are affordable prices. When opting to buy a used motorbike from private-to-private, the buyer should check out the hidden areas. As you examine the two-wheeler carefully, consider checking the underside of the seat, under the front fender, or the transmission housing at the transmission. These areas may conceal traces of grease and mud which may conceal corrosion. Italian motorbikes may also have short circuit problems. Scrap marks can also be unsealed by examining the machine outdoors. By looking at the machine in daylight, the buyer can identify a repaired part by detecting the poor fit with the rest of the body. This trick can also uncover traces of repair on the hidden parts. These defects allow the buyer to justify an adjustment of the selling price.

Latest tips to properly buy a used motorbike 

The disadvantage of buying a motorbike from a private individual is that you have to be very careful. The two-wheeler can hide some technical defects. The buyer will have to take his time when checking the machine. A thorough check will have to be carried out before testing and a quick check after the test. Before starting the motorbike, the buyer interested in the advertisement will have to check the wheels (rims and tyres). It is also essential to check the wear and tear of the brake pads, the drum, the condition of the front and rear brake discs. A careful examination of the motorbike is done by examining the suspensions, controls, engines, transmissions, exhausts, electrical system...
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