What is the motorbike braking equipment?

Motorbike braking is the vital part of motorbike riding. Depending on the speed at which you are riding, whether you are cornering, on a flat, dry or wet road, you should not brake in the same way. Braking from the front or rear wheel, in any case, the motorbike braking equipment must be optimal before the start.

How to brake with your motorbike?

If the front wheel brakes are too violent, you risk seeing your wheel slip. Even if the road is dry and you are not careful enough, the fall is close. All the motorbike schools teach you this: to avoid braking too hard, the best thing to do is to stay at a safe distance. This safe distance is defined by the speed at which you are riding. The faster you ride, the greater this distance should be. Yes, making good use of your motorbike means first of all being careful about riding. Emergency braking can be done safely, but this requires that your motorbike braking equipment to be excellent.

What motorbike braking equipment is essential for safe braking?

Contact with the road is made through the tyre. Tyre pressure is the first and most important criterion to check on a motorbike. If your tyre is over-inflated, your motorbike will have a tendency to slip on braking on dry, wet and gravel roads. You must keep the ideal pressure given by the manufacturer. In addition, check the brake pads and fluid. If the brake fluid level is low, it gives you an indication of brake wear. When you use the motorbike, the pressure on the brake lever is also an indicator of the quality of the brake pads and discs.

ABS, an important motorbike braking system

All new motorbikes, or at least those that have recently been put on the road, are almost all equipped with ABS. This system (Anti-Lock Braking System), as its name suggests, is one of the motorbike braking equipment that prevents the wheels from locking in the event of emergency braking. It also prevents them from locking on wet or leafy roads. All motorcyclists will tell you that this is the main danger on an emergency stop because a fall is then inevitable. On the other hand, with this system, you have to keep in mind that the stopping distance will be longer because the ABS will regulate the brake fluid on all the discs, pads to obtain a very soft braking.
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