How to choose the right motorbike?

Before taking design into account, there are a number of parameters that should not be overlooked when choosing between the different types of motorbikes. You must therefore make sure that you have the means to also afford the necessary equipment and pay for maintenance costs. The choice of motorbike also depends on your motorbike licence and your physical abilities. The details!

The "budget" criterion

When choosing your motorbike, you should know that, apart from the purchase price and the cost of the licence, having a two-wheeler also requires a significant budget in additional expenses. You should not forget the maintenance costs that will come later, which vary depending on the type of two-wheeler. The same is true for insurance, which is, let's not forget, more expensive for a motorbike beginner and varies according to the model of the motorbike. The vehicle registration document also has a price, not to mention motorbike equipment such as specific shoes, jacket, motorbike gloves (indispensable accessory, CE certified) and helmet, which must be worn. To sum up, as far as the budget is concerned, knowing how to choose your motorbike is certainly important, but it is important to keep in mind that there are other additional costs, to add to the purchase price of the motorbike.

The licence: another criterion for choosing the right motorbike

There are three types of riding licences which allow you to ride diffrent motorbike categories. With an A1 licence, you can ride a 125cc motorbike with a power of 11kW and a maximum power/weight ratio of 0.1 kW/kg. This licence also allows you to ride a scooter. It is available from the age of 16. With an A2 licence, available from the age of 18, you can ride a motorbike with a power of 35 kW and a maximum power/weight ratio of 0.2 kW/kg. With this licence you can also ride a scooter. As for the A licence, note that since 2016, it can only be acquired after obtaining the A2 licence, regardless of the age of the motorcyclist. It is worthy to know that only after 2 years in 35kW that the applicant can take an additional 7 hours of training to obtain the A licence. The choice between the types of motorbike is therefore also made according to the licence.

The choice of motorbike depends as much on your physical abilities as on your morphology

No doubt, for a safer ride and more comfort, the bike must be adjusted to your morphology as well as your physical abilities. If you have a physical problem (at your back, wrist, knee...), there are types of motorbikes that are more adjusted to your physical situation, distributing the thrust exerted on your body in various ways while you are riding. For this reason, before buying a motorbike (used or new), it is very important to test it. This will allow you to check whether it is physically suitable for you. You will then see, among other things, if it feels good and if it is easy to handle, even with the engine off. So, for a good choice of motorbike, you must at least take these criteria into account.
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