Tips for choosing your motocross clothing and equipment

Whether you practice it as a professional or just for fun, motocross is a dangerous discipline. The slightest fall can lead to fractures and injuries that can be irreversible. Although you are in total control of your machine, make sure you have motocross equipment that provide maximum protection. Any cautious motorcyclist must be protected from head to toe.

Head protection accessories

Head injuries can have serious consequences, so you will need to think about good motocross equipment, namely a good motocross helmet. The choice will not be easy, as the weight of the helmet will have a greater or lesser influence depending on your preferred discipline. Enduro riders will be much better off with lighter helmets. On the other hand, a heavier and more resistant helmet is recommended for stunts. A motocross helmet always goes together with a mask or goggles with screens and Tear off. This accessory will allow you to have good visibility throughout the course. It will also protect your eyes from stones and dust. The choice of a mask will depend on the type of helmet you have chosen.

Jerseys and protections for the bust

The crossover outfit is not the most important accessory for the bust, even if it is very important for the practitioner. The motocross jersey should be worn with underwear made of an absorbent fabric. It should not be too light or too ventilated. Warning! The jersey must be the right size. If it is too loose, you risk having aerodynamic problems when you shift up a gear. A jacket that is waterproof, but which evacuates heat by means of ventilation is perfect to complete the motocross outfit. Underneath the jersey you should wear a protective waistcoat that will protect your ribs from stones and tree branches. The waistcoat is light, but provides optimal protection. Opt for models that offer additional protection in the form of a lumbar belt. Complete your equipment with the breastplate, elbow pads and neckband. For competitions, it is imperative that these accessories are homologated. Before you buy them, make sure that they fit you perfectly, especially for the nape of the neck. As it is designed to reduce the hypertensions felt in the neck in case of a fall, it must not constitute a discomfort to the helmet. It will not be easy to grasp the wrists of the motorbike for hours on end, which is why we recommend the use of a helmet. Opt for models that fit your hands perfectly but don't squeeze them too tightly. When it comes to materials, prefer gloves that combine synthetic materials and leather.

Clothing and protection for the lower limbs

Trousers are the other motocross outfit that has its enormous importance during the competition. Ideally you should choose trousers that are stylish, but which are well reinforced in places and also well ventilated. These trousers should fit your body well, otherwise you will feel cramped. Don't forget that you will still have to wear a protective shell, shin guards and articulated knee pads. Even if your motocross equipment is top-notch, the risk of injury is always present, so never skimp on quality. The last item you need to choose meticulously is boots. They must be sturdy, flexible and waterproof. It is a mistake to wear new boots during a competition, so you will have to think about breaking them in.
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