Riding a motorbike: improving road handling

The more you ride your motorbike, the worse the road handling gets. It is affected by tyre wear or the compression of the suspension. If you are riding alone, the handling of the motorbike will be different than if you are riding with two people. Just as if you take a lot of luggage, the motorbike will not react the same way because of the weight distribution.

Riding a motorbike: improving handling

On a motorbike, the most important point is the tyre because it is in contact with the asphalt. The most important point on a motorbike when it comes to making long trips is to check the tyre pressure before each start. Improving the bike's handling starts with this simple, but almost the most important check. Never delay in checking your tyre pressure. If you don't use your motorbike often, remember to do this check at least once a month. The feeling on the bike, when you have the perfect pressure in the tyres, will be extraordinary. However, once the technical checks have been carried out, you can still take the necessary individual equipment. Never leave without taking a jacket with protective shells or your jacket with airbag.

Preparing for a motorbike ride

Safety comes first and foremost through the technical verification of your motorbike, which is essential to improve road handling. But once these checks have been carried out, such as checking tyre wear or chain tension and lubrication, it is necessary to load your motorbike with great attention to load distribution. This distribution has an influence on the handling of your motorbike. If it is overloaded at the rear, the weight will take the load off the front and your tyre may skid in slippery corners. In the event of a fall, you should always wear reinforced trousers and a jacket with protective shells.

Compulsory gestures and equipment before riding your motorbike and enjoying yourself to the fullest

What a joy it is to ride a motorbike on such beautiful country roads! There are seasons with no major risks of riding a motorbike for motorcyclists. But in autumn, the roads are much more dangerous and much more treacherous. The road may be dry until you reach a shady, leafy bend in the road. It is in a case like this, for example, that you risk falling. But of course, before leaving, you will have taken the care to check tyre pressure or chain tension very carefully to improve road holding. Unfortunately, a fall is not inevitable, which is why it is essential to be equipped with safety clothing such as a jacket with protective shells or a jacket with an airbag. Also remember to put on your reinforced trousers before you leave.
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