Riding without motorbike insurance: serious consequences!

Although motorcyclists think they can save money by riding their two-wheelers without insurance, the consequences in the event of an accident can be terrible. Indeed, in the event of an accident, the costs incurred can be very high. If the damage is more serious, the motorcyclist may even lose his or her property. Riding a motorbike is a privilege that requires great responsibility. The consequences can be very serious for third party victims of the uninsured driver.

What are the financial and penal sanctions for an uninsured motorcyclist?

Depending on the seriousness of the claim, a motorcyclist may be sentenced to one year in prison with 6 months' imprisonment. The sentence may be heavier. Driving without insurance makes the scooter rider liable to a very large criminal and financial fine. According to article L. 211-1 of the insurance code, the rider risks a fine of up to €3750. He risks a licence suspension of up to 3 years, impounding of the two-wheeled vehicle, cancellation of the driving licence with a ban on driving for the next 3 years. The uninsured biker will have to undertake community service, undergo a day-fine penalty or follow a compulsory road safety awareness course. The motorbike driver will also have to pay a fixed fine of 35 € for not having presented the green sticker or a certificate during a roadside check.

Insuring the motorbike or scooter is a compulsory provision

Taking out an insurance policy is compulsory under the Highway Code. This insurance obligation is valid regardless of the nature of the motorbike. For example, it is compulsory to take out third-party liability insurance for two-wheelers, 3-wheelers, dirt bikes, quad bikes, roadsters, scooters, etc. Only the third-party RC form is mandatory. In order to subscribe to the most affordable offer, it is best to use an insurance comparison. Asking for a quote online makes it easier to find the ideal motorbike and scooter insurance packages. Insurance helps improve motorbike safety. Thanks to the motorbike insurance quote, you can find the offer that suits your budget.

Consequences of a victim of an uninsured motorbike rider

A motorcyclist who has not insured his motorbike and who causes an accident finds that the victim often has to bear the most serious consequences. If the person responsible for the accident has not taken out insurance, the third-party victim of the accident will have to lodge a complaint and take legal action. The driver who drives the vehicle during the accident also risks serious consequences. A motorbike mutual insurance company only covers the two-wheeler and its passengers and not the pilot. To remedy this, it is strongly recommended that you take out a motorbike and scooter insurance policy with a driver's guarantee. Those who neglect to pay the contribution will have no immediate recourse in the payment of costs and compensation for the care of the injured pilot. In particular, they will be able to rely on the guarantee fund. However, they will have to advance certain expenses and undertake a lengthy procedure, which can be costly and the outcome of the compensation is uncertain.
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